Full Programme

                    FULL PROGRAMME                    

Thursday, January 16                                                                                                                                                      

08:30 Registration and coffee
Room 08

09:00 Opening of the workshop
Room 01

09:15 Keynote talk
Room 01  What is "Excessive Speculation" and Why is there So Much of It?
Prof. James Smith, Southern Methodist University

10:15 Coffee break
Room 08

10:30 Session 1: Oil and Gasoline Markets 1
Room 09  Chairman: Thierry Rayna
          - Unconventional Oil: Will it Satisfy Future Global Oil Demand?, Kostas Andiosopoulos, ESCP Europe, London
          - OPEC'’s Market Power: An Empirical Dominant Firm Model for the Oil Market, Lin Ma, Norvegian University of Life Science, Oslo
          - The Inefficacy of Gasoline Taxes, Simon Porcher, University of Paris Est
          - Asymmetry and Volatility in Oil Price Transmission, Stephan Silvestre, ESG Management School, Paris

12:30 Lunch
Room 08

13:30 Session 2: Agricultural and Mineral Commodities
Room 09  Chairman: Christophe Schalck
          - Modeling Dependence Structure and Market Risk in Agricultural Commodity Markets: the Importance of Time Horizons, Riadh Aloui, University of Tunis El Manar
          - Rare Earth Metal Commodities: Can derivatives Help to Reduce Price Risks, Christian Babl, Technische University, Darmstadt
          - Measuring the Effect of Oil Prices on Wheat Futures Prices, Phillip Cartwright, ESG Management School, Paris and Natalija Riabko

15:00 Coffee break
Room 08

15:15 Session 3: Market Structure and Competitive Dynamics
Room 09  Chairman: Régis Chenavaz
          - Risk Hedging and Retail Competition: The Case of Energy Markets, Raphaël Homayoun Boroumand, ESG Management School, Paris
          - Measuring the Efficiency of Energy-intensive Industries Across 26 EU Countries, Georgia Makridou, ESCP Europe, London
          - Modeling Natgas Intra-Month Spot Price Movements, Ehud Ronn, University of Texas, Austin

16:45 End of sessions

17:15 Table ronde : Quel avenir pour les marchés de l'énergie ? 
Room 01  Modérateur : Hélyette Geman
          - Raphaël Boroumand, Économiste de l'énergie, ESG Managemant School
          - Dominique Chauvin, Prospectiviste
          - Thomas Porcher, Économiste de l'énergie, ESG Managemant School
          - Didier Rebischung, Directeur adjoint, Électricité de Strasbourg
          - Olivier Rech, Consultant, Energy Funds Advisors

18:45 End

20:30 Conference dinner at Le Ragueneau, Métro Musée du Louvre

Friday, January 17                                                                                                                                                      

08:45 Coffee
Room 08

09:15 Keynote lecture
Room 01  Financial Underperformance in the Decarbonising Power Markets
Prof. Derek Bunn, London Business School

10:15 Coffee break
Room 08

10:30 Session 4: Financial Energy Markets
Room 09  Chairman: Ehud Ronn
          - A consistent two-factor model for pricing temperature derivatives, Andreas Groll, Humboldt University, Berlin
          - Oil Price and Macroeconomy in India: An Evolutionary Cospectral Coherence Approach, Zied Ftiti, IPAG, Paris
          - Instantaneous Spillovers: Futures Speculation & Commodity Prices in a Contemporaneous Setting, Omar Hassib, Maastricht University
          - Volatility Transmission in Energy Futures Markets, Michael Soucek, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt

12:30 Lunch
Room 08

13:30 Session 5: Natural Gas Markets
Room 09  Chairman: Raphael Homayoun Boroumand
          - Volatility Returns With Vengeance: Financial Markets vs. Commodities, Julien Chevallier, University of Paris 8
          - Defragmentation of World Natural Gas Markets, Helyette Geman, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
          - Gas Storage Valuation and Hedging, Ismail Laachir, Ensta ParisTech

15:00 Coffee break
Room 08

15:15 Session 6: Oil and Gasoline Markets 2
Room 09  Chairman: Stephan Silvestre
          - Macroeconomic Variables and Energy Commodity Prices: a Time-Varying Approach, Régis Chenavaz, Kedge Business School, Marseille, AMSE, CNRS & EHESS
          - Oil Wealth, Blessing or Curse? A Transaction Costs Comparative Approach, Alexandra Le Chaffotec, ESG Management School, Paris
          - The Determinants of Margins in Gasoline Markets, Thomas Porcher, ESG Management School, Paris

16:45 End of sessions

17:15 Closing talk 
Room 01  Prof. Hélyette Geman

17:45 End of the conference